Covering key digital marketing concepts

and brimming with ideas to put you firmly in control of your strategies and execution.

Accelated Learning
Accelerated learning over just 3-days

An intensive course on digital marketing designed to help you plan, execute and analyze digital marketing campaigns. Based on an international syllabus this digital marketing foundation course will put you in control, in just 3-days.

What You Will Archieve
What will you achieve at the end of the course?

A clear understanding of key concepts to help you tackle strategic and execution issues in digital marketing, with complete confidence. You will be able to reduce costly mistakes, save money for your company, get more bang for your buck and convince your customers and clients that you know your onions.

Take Away
What will you take-away?
  1. A 140 page hand-out that covers the key concepts taught, with examples
  2. Slide presentations covering execution, and put-into-immediate-practice concepts for SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, Online Link Building, Online PR, and Value Proposition
  3. A 30-day exclusive Forum access for asking questions and getting answers to reinforce your learning
For Whom
For whom is this?

For anyone wanting to grasp digital marketing quickly. Advertising Professionals. Media Professionals. Marketing Professionals in charge of brands. Web Agency Executives. Students.

Who's Teaching
Who’s teaching this course?

Taught by 2 highly experienced, sought-after, practicing trainers. Ivan Bayross, and Krishnan Unni.

How Taught
How’s this course taught
  1. Complete with Case Studies, illustrations, exercises, Q&A
  2. Plus, extended support for 30 days via an exclusive access Forum.

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