Why Us

What’s special about this Digital Marketing course!

At Conversion Pundits, our belief in what we do, comes from years of practice in the digital realm, which we have distilled into a practical course for you.

Simply, practical wisdom, finely-honed teaching skills, and hands-on experience that’s just not available elsewhere, but only at Conversion Pundits.

But do we really need a Better
Digital Marketing course?

Yes, we do. Simply because we believe that Digital Marketing courses out there, just don’t deliver results.

After attending several courses ourselves, and after interviewing scores of students from these courses, we’re convinced that practical, actionable information of value is something very few courses offer. Much less, an overarching frameworks that guides strategic decisions in online marketing.

We have been successfully teaching digital marketing to our colleagues in the business for years now and have learnt how to teach this, the curriculum and the methods to follow, and perfected our systems and processes over many years of practice.

What happens when you don’t do Digital Marketing right?

The effect of poor learning and understanding of digital marketing is marketing mayhem. Sub-optimal results. Grief. Money wasted. And neither marketers, nor practitioners, become any wiser.

You need a better Digital Marketing Course.

That’s current. Evolving. Practical and still ready to fire its awesomeness when the students get out.

Which is why Conversion Pundits has painstakingly put together this unique digital marketing programme to enable marketers – clients, as well as agencies, to plan and execute online marketing with awesome results. And spot the difference when it is working. And when it isn’t working.

Are you ready to stop the Marketing Mayhem?
  • Are you ready to spread digital awesomeness?
  • Are you ready to launch your personal career into orbit?
  • Are you ready to leverage results for your digital marketing and stop throwing money into the drain?
  • Are you ready to demand and obtain results from your digital agency and freelance professional with whom you deal, every day?
Welcome to Conversion Pundits.

The only digital marketing course that you’ll need. No bull. Just pure, practical wisdom, shared by experienced, practicing professionals with proven expertise under their belts.

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