Important things to do before moving home

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If you’re planning to relocate to another country, you’re pretty likely to get stressed about all the things you need to do before you leave home and become an expat.

Moving abroad is not the same as moving to a new street in your locality. It is like an adventure which can be very exciting. You need to do complete research first and then plan your move accordingly. Living abroad can expose you to a whole lot of new opportunities and experiences. It’s always great to expand your horizons! But, once you're ready, go for it! Dive into new waters, and explore new cultures, languages, and lifestyles while you're at it.

How would Sherlock Holmes select Packers and Movers when he moves from Mumbai to Manchester?

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Sherlock is insightful enough to observe that while most customers base their decision on price, it is most foolish to do so.

Sherlock understands that the upshot of lack of clarity is that you pay for it in retrospect - delayed consignments, overcharging, missing items, damaged merchandise, and more.

Decisions based on price alone is a disaster waiting to happen. You defer the payment, that’s all you do.