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Krishna Unni

Hi, I'm Krishna Unni, Founder and Director at Pigtail Pundits.

I have been on the web since 1997 when we started Pigtail Pundits when after a great career in advertising, I decided that this was the medium to be in. I haven't looked back since.

For 21 years I have been training our in-house staff on online marketing, practicing digital promotions, generating leads for clients, and building websites that work. It's something I enjoy immensely.

I also teach marketers and entrepreneurs through my bi-monthly free digital marketing classes in Mumbai, India.

I consult with clients for their online marketing strategy.

The scope ranges from search engine optimisation, to content marketing, social media optimisation, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Facebook advertising, and lead generation tactics.

In the Conversion Pundits Blog, my objective is to share my learnings on conversion optimisation and other marketing toopics. This is often through practical observations and ocassionally curated material which I love to read from the web.

You can view my LinkedIn Profile for more details.

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