Where is Social Networking headed?

Is content, and conversations about content driving the next social networking wave? By now, we do know that pure social networking sites MySpace, Orkut, ibibo, Fropper, Facebook, etc, generate content [profiles, pictures, audio, video, blogs, events] and

How your School can get on top of Twitter

600 million daily searches and 10 billion tweets later, Twitter has established itself as a critical element to any social media marketing strategy. Twitter’s success is not surprising though, given its unique balance of business & personal use and high-q

The How, What and Why of Content Marketing

The How, What and Why of Content Marketing When was the last time you heard someone talk about the benefits of content marketing? In this digital age, we hear of so many small business owners who took their business to another level with content marketing

90 tips for “lockdown working”

Cabin fever has always been one of the biggest challenges of remote working. Most solutions involve “getting out of the house.” What everyone’s doing now, though, isn’t remote working—it’s lockdown working. Lockdown working takes cabin fever to a new leve

Triple R: a new technique to accelerate your progress

—includes a template you can use on any project The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventiona

Top Avaya Alternatives and Competitors for 2021

In this review post, we’ll take you through Avaya’s top competitors so you can make an informed decision about how to move your business communications forward. As more and more... The post Top Avaya Alternatives and Competitors for 2021 appeared first o

ClickFlow as an Alternative to MarketMuse

Over the past decade, the marketing landscape has undergone drastic changes. With time, it has evolved into what is essentially a game, with clear cut rules and points to earn.... The post ClickFlow as an Alternative to MarketMuse appeared first on Singl

Top Dialpad Alternatives and Competitors for 2021

For most businesses, simple voice-only communications systems are becoming a thing of the past. These days, you'll probably need a new system, complete with all the digital bells and whistles... The post Top Dialpad Alternatives and Competitors for 2021

MarketMuse vs. Clearscope

These days, everyone’s buzzing about content. Writing and producing great content has become a necessity for modern businesses, but what exactly is great content and how can you ensure that... The post MarketMuse vs. Clearscope appeared first on Single G

Top Grasshopper Alternatives and Competitors for 2021

Grasshopper is a business phone service that’s designed with small companies in mind. Unlike many of its competitors, which depend on business phone hardware, Grasshopper doesn’t require hardware at all.... The post Top Grasshopper Alternatives and Compe

How Much Does Good SEO Cost?

Everyone’s website needs SEO but how do you know how much to pay or who to trust with your website? Learn how to set expectations, spot low-quality knockoffs and learn some of the price ranges you should expect to pay for quality SEO in today’