How would Sherlock Holmes select Packers and Movers when he moves from Mumbai to Manchester?

You’d expect Sherlock to do his homework, er… research, right?

You’d expect him to study the landscape and come to the following conclusions

  1. The moving industry in India is crowded and confusing
  2. Finding the right mover is a bit like finding the needle in a haystack

Sherlock is insightful enough to observe that while most customers base their decision on price, it is most foolish to do so.

Sherlock understands that the upshot of lack of clarity is that you pay for it in retrospect - delayed consignments, overcharging, missing items, damaged merchandise, and more.

Decisions based on price alone is a disaster waiting to happen. You defer the payment, that’s all you do.

Sherlock decides that he needs a framework for making decisions about packers and movers in India. One that is fool-proof and will make it easier for him, plus for the others he consults with and advices.

But to aid his decision, he would select some specific signals.

Putting his mind to it, Sherlock creates a 5-point framework that will stand the test of time.

  1. What do the packers and movers websites tell him?
  2. What do the movers tell him that is contrasted with the information on their websites?
  3. What do the customers say about the mover?
  4. What do the references that the mover has given him tell him about the mover?
  5. What does the contract with mover and the fine print in it say?
  6. Is the website that of a real moving company or that of a lead generator?

Based on this framework, Sherlock would then make the most-informed decision. In the bargain, he will help you make one too.

To expand on his postulate, Sherlock then sets upon to look at the following more minutely.

Factors for Evaluating Movers and Packers in India to Save Yourself Grief

Take a look at their movers and packers website. Quickly assess the following

1. Is the company talking about how great it is, or is it talking of solving your problem?

You will find companies which are self-obsessed using a lot of We/ Our as opposed to You in the copy.

It would seem that they have written the copy for themselves rather than for you.

Many moving company websites in India suffer from this terrible, almost contagious disease.

Count the we’s on this Home Page. Why is this page not about your pains and problems?

2. Is the design professional, uncluttered, modern

Stay away from poorly designed, over cluttered, overly busy websites.

It tells you that the brand owner hasn’t invested enough in the property. Why would he invest in transporting yours?

So when the mover talks about “caring for your property” look if the care is reflected enough on the website as well, or if there is a disconnect?

This Home Page looks like a rainbow. It’s cluttered and filled with different packers and movers above the fold. This looks like it’s talking to search engines rather than you and it belongs to a lead aggregator not a real moving company.

3. Is the copy repeated on multiple pages

For eg, How different is the page on Packers and Movers Pune to the page on Packers and Movers Mumbai, on the same site?

If it isn’t too different, then it simply tells you that marketing laziness, ignorance, and under investment are at play.

Why would you trust a mover who’s under invested in his own property first?

Look at this copy for Nashik. It makes for a hilarious read.

Compare it to this copy for Bangalore on the same site. if you find it difficult to read, remember that it’s by design. It wasn’t meant for you but for search engines.

4. Look for grammar, typographic errors.

If you do spot issues, then this is a reflection of poor attention to detail by the brand owners.

This is a red flag for you.

Copy a para from any movers site, and push it into the Hemingway Editor online. If you see something like what you see below, run away. This spun copy written by a machine and not by someone who knows the language.

5. Does the website have an SSL Certificate?

If there is one it will appear as a green Secure site on the URL bar.

If the packers and movers haven’t bothered to invest in securing the details which you send to them using form encryption on their servers, how can you expect them to secure your merchandise?

6. Does the company invest in content that helps you make a better decision?

While talking about the services that the company offers is fine and is expected of most companies, look for content that helps you.

Look out for blogs, guides, eBooks, Newsletters, Moving Tips, and more. The more these elements are present, the more the brand owner is investing to woo you the customer and make it easier for you to make a decision.

When these elements are not present on the website, it tells you that the mover is just self-focussed.

7. Look at what customers say about the brand

  • While websites are a great place for this, owners and brands take care to put just the positive testimonials here.
  • To get a dispassionate opinion check out TrustPilot, MouthShut, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, BBB, etc

These are reviews from MouthShut about a Packers and Movers brand.

8. Check for accreditation symbols in websites

Some of the most trustworthy and ethical associations in the world which certify movers and packers are FIDI, AIM, Eura, etc. Check whether the brands are accredited with these associations

9. If you’re moving your office or relocating your employees, then:

  • Check if the company has Case Studies which talk of similar office moves to yours?
  • Check if a list of clients is available on the website?
  • Check if the companies mentioned in the Case Studies are well known or are difficult to trace?
  • Always ask for at least 3 references from the offices moved and speak with people there before you decide on the mover.

A Case Study on the Writer Relocations website for Commercial Moving

10. Does the mover and packer offer you a transparent contract?

Insist on a written contract from the movers and packers you finally choose. Check for damage, delay, and loss protection clauses. Ensure that you read the fine print and satisfy yourself.

Check out the do’s and don’ts of Mover Contracts at

To conclude, there are various signals that you can observe and make an informed decision about your mover just like Sherlock did.

These include specific observations on the website, a check of the reviews online, testimonials, content of value to you, secure website features, accreditation symbols, Case Studies, and Customer references.

Before you move, or decide on the movers, you’d do well to quickly assess all this. It’s in your interest to do due diligence. You will save yourself grief when you do.

Let us have your experiences when you moved? How did you go about determining the best mover to opt for?

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