Important things to do before moving home

If you’re planning to relocate to another country, you’re pretty likely to get stressed about all the things you need to do before you leave home and become an expat.

We’ve simplified it for you by providing a list of the things you should do before you move abroad.

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1. Visit the country before you move there

It would really help if you knew the country before moving in. It becomes easy to adjust to their culture when you are already familiar with certain things else it can be challenging. It also helps if you know a to speak a few lines or words like “Hello”, “Good bye” etc in the foreign language. This guide will provide you more details about the culture of the country you want to move, how to find accommodation and enrol kids in school etc.

2. Apply for passport and Visas before moving abroad

Before relocating overseas, you'll have to organise the necessary documentation. Apply for a valid passport & visa if you don’t have one or get it renewed if it has expired. Find out more about what documents are required for moving internationally.

3. Research the cost of living and start saving money

Do a detailed research on the amount required to live in the country you want to move and start saving your money. This tool will help you get an idea of how much money is required to enjoy a decent lifestyle in the country you are moving in. Things can get unpredictable, especially during the first year of your relocation. Set aside at least six months’ worth of your expenses, to deal with any unforeseen emergencies

4. Set your finances right

Today banking has become so advanced that you may think your current monetary setup will move with you to your new home. In fact, you need to set up access to your finances in your new country quickly. Since cross-border banking clearances can take some time to be confirmed and instituted, you should begin the process of choosing a bank, and delivering all the necessary paperwork before you actually move.

Other money matters that needs to be addressed before you leave include

  • Setting up automatic payments for any recurring bills that will continue to come in while you're abroad.
  • Determining which credit cards, you can use internationally without incurring additional fees and letting your credit card companies know you'll be relocating.
  • It is also advisable to talk to your Chartered accountant about your tax situation whether you may have to pay tax in your home country and/or home state in addition to your new one -- or not. To avoid any trouble, figure out how and where to file your tax returns when you relocate. Here is an article that will give you more information on how to set your finance in order before you leave the country.

5. Address your health needs

Whenever you travel to a different country, you're faced with variations regarding health and medical regulations. Depending on where you travel, these differences can be slight or dramatic.

You'll be saved if you address them before you go

  • Make sure to take the vaccinations/boosters.
  • Will your current health insurance policy cover you as an expatriate?
  • Do you have back-ups for eyeglasses, contact lenses, medical devices that might be difficult to replace early on in your relocation if it gets lost or damaged?
  • Will you be able to bring refill your necessary medications? If so, how many, and how will you get new prescriptions when you run out?
  • If you are bringing along your prescribed medications, you also need to ensure that they are not considered illicit in that country.

Read this article which gives you more information about international health insurance and how to choose the right plan

6. Research on Shipping V/s Storage

When relocating abroad, bringing along your car, furniture and other items you already own can cost you more than buying new stuff once you arrive. If you plan to make your international move a permanent one, you may decide it's worth to buy those large items at your new location. But if you anticipate returning in a year or two, you'll probably find it's more affordable to store your belongings at home and buy what you need when you get to your new location. This article will give you an idea about international shipping and storage and how expensive it is to ship your goods internationally.

Moving abroad is not the same as moving to a new street in your locality. It is like an adventure which can be very exciting. You need to do complete research first and then plan your move accordingly. Living abroad can expose you to a whole lot of new opportunities and experiences. It’s always great to expand your horizons! But, once you're ready, go for it! Dive into new waters, and explore new cultures, languages, and lifestyles while you're at it.

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